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Equipment failure judgment

2018-03-28 09:48

How to judge the failure and eliminate the laser equipment does not light!

1. Is it suddenly no light or gradually no light!

2. Check whether the laser power indicator is on and the fan is working normally.

3. Observe that there is no water in the outermost layer of the laser tube. Normally, there is water in the second layer!

4. Whether the circulating water is circulated properly, check whether the water pump is working properly, and the outlet water flows out!

5. Whether the light path is skewed or not, and determine whether the light shines on the first reflective mirror sheet paper, and then adjust!

6. Is water protection effective? Can be shorted to protect the water connector to determine whether the light!

7. Observe the current indication. When injecting, the ammeter indicates that there is no light. There is a problem with the laser tube. There is no indication that the power supply has no current. The power supply has a problem!

8. Is the signal line output normal? Press the test button on the laser power supply to judge!

9. There is no test button on the laser power supply. You can make a test switch as shown below! A connection between the red line and the green line will shine!

10. The above operations must ensure safety, operate in the normal circulation of circulating water, if not the equipment operator can not operate freely!