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Why do we all choose to focus on lasers?

2018-03-28 09:48

A multi-purpose machine, exquisite work, jars, gourds, wood and packaging all get.

Seven advantages, perfect upgrade. satisfy customer's request

First, Rui Da high-speed control system

1, using 4.3-inch true color screen, display content is more abundant

2, using a new 32-bit high-speed CPU to make the system run faster and more stable

3, the system comes with a clock display, the encryption function is more perfect and humane

4, support U disk offline file display preview function, real-time display of the laser head running track

5, completely out of the PC to set the device parameters

6、Full optocoupler completely isolates the external electromagnetic interference, anti-static performance is strong, making the system work more stable and reliable

7, support the perfect power off continued carving function

8, support U disk, network and USB communication, faster transmission, more stable

9, support dual laser control, power can be individually adjustable, and can control a variety of lasers

10, support double head cutting

Second, the macro laser tube

1, the service life of up to 6000 hours, can be used for one and a half to two years

2. The unique dust-proof design can effectively protect the laser tube output window lens under the bad working environment and improve the service life of the laser tube.

Third, Taiwan PMI high-precision linear guide

Fourth, Raysey driver

1, 32-bit DSP technology, high cost performance, good stability, noise, excellent vibration performance

2, a wealth of input and output interfaces, support for position, speed, return to origin mode

3, the user can set current subdivision and other parameters through the bus, can control the start and stop of the motor and real-time query of the running status

4, precision current control technology, motor heating greatly reduced

5, built-in micro-step breakdown algorithm, to achieve reduced subdivision control instructions, high subdivision operation effect.

Five, multi-function laser head

The laser head can be lifted up and down according to the item being hit, which is convenient to use

Six, the table has a knife and honeycomb platform optional

Choose the appropriate platform for your project

Seven, metal molybdenum reflector

Molybdenum reflectors are an important element in laser processing systems that use reflectors to refract light in a predetermined line and direction. Keji laser's glass lens has a high emissivity and is resistant to wiping. It adapts to work in harsh environments and has a long service life.